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wrong / malo
wrong   [rɒŋ]
A. -adjective
1. (morally)
(=bad)   malo
(=unfair)   injusto
·it'noun wrong to steal
·stealing is wrong
·robar está mal
a. there'noun nothing wrong [in] that =   no hay nada malo en eso
b. that was very wrong [of] you =   ahí or en eso has hecho muy mal
c. you were wrong [to] do that =   hacer eso estuvo mal por tu parte
d. what'noun wrong [with] a drink now and again? =   ¿qué tiene de malo tomarse una copa de vez en cuando?
·there'noun nothing wrong with that
·no hay nada malo en eso
2. (=incorrect, mistaken)   [answer]   incorrecto   [calculation, belief]   equivocado
·the wrong [answer]
·la respuesta incorrecta
·he made a number of wrong [assumptions]
·se equivocó al hacer ciertas suposiciones
·to [be] wrong
[person]   equivocarse,   estar equivocado
·that is wrong
·eso no es exacto or cierto
·the information they gave us was wrong
·la informaciónoun que nos dieron era incorrecta
a. you're wrong [about] that =   ahí or en eso estánoun equivocado
b. that [clock] is wrong =   ese reloj anda or marcha mal
c. the letter has the wrong [date] on it =   la carta tiene la fecha equivocada
d. you've opened the packet at the wrong [end] =   has abierto el paquete por el lado que no es,   has abierto el paquete al revénoun
e. I was wrong [in] thinking that ... =   me equivoqué al pensar que ...
f. I'masculine in the wrong [job] =   tengo un puesto que no me conviene
g. he'noun got the wrong [kind] of friends =   no tiene los amigos apropiados
·that'noun the wrong kind of plug
·se necesita otro tipo de enchufe
h. she married the wrong [man] =   se equivocó al casarse con él
i. to play a wrong [note] =   tocar una nota falsa
j. you have the wrong [number]   (telecommunications)   se ha equivocado de nounúmero
k. it'noun the wrong [one] =   no es el/la que hace falta
l. I think you're talking to the wrong [person] =   creo que no es conmigo con quien debería hablar
m. it'noun in the wrong [place] =   está mal situado,   está mal colocado
n. is this the wrong [road]? =   ¿nos habremos equivocado de camino?
o. wrong [side]
p. [of cloth]   revénoun (m),   envénoun (m)
·he was driving on the wrong side (of the road)
·iba por el carril contrario
q. to say/do the wrong [thing] =   decir/hacer algo inoportuno
r. at the wrong [time] =   inoportunamente
s. we were on the wrong [train] =   nos habíamos equivocado de tren
t. the wrong [way] round =   al revénoun
·to go the wrong way
(on route)   equivocarse de camino
·that'noun the wrong way to go about it
·ésa no es la forma de enfocarlo
·a piece of bread went down the wrong way
·se me fue un pedazo de pan por el otro camino or por el camino viejo
3. (=amiss)
·is anything or something wrong?
·¿pasa algo?
·what'noun wrong?
·¿qué pasa?
·what'noun wrong with you?
·¿qué te pasa?
·what'noun wrong with the car?
·¿qué le pasa al coche?
·nothing'noun wrong
·there'noun nothing wrong
·no pasa nada
·there'noun nothing wrong with it/him
·no le pasa nada
·something'noun wrong
·there'noun something wrong
·hay algo mal or que no está bien
·there'noun something wrong with my lights
·something'noun wrong with my lights
·algo les pasa a mis faros
·something was very wrong
·había algo que no iba nada bien
4. ·to be wrong in the head
*   estar chiflado *
B. -adverb   mal
a. to [answer] wrong =   contestar mal,   contestar incorrectamente
b. you [did] wrong to insult him =   hiciste mal en insultarle
c. you're [doing] it all wrong =   lo estánoun haciendo todo mal
d. you've [done] it wrong =   lo has hecho mal
e. to [get] something wrong =   equivocarse en algo
·the accountant got his sums wrong
*   el contable se equivocó al hacer las cuentas
·don't get me wrong
*   no me malinterpretes
·you've got it all wrong
(=misunderstood)   no has entendido nada
f. to [go] wrong
[person]   (on route)   equivocarse de camino   (in calculation)   equivocarse   (morally)   ir por el mal camino
[plan]   salir mal,   malograrse Peru,   cebarse Mexico Mexico   (mechanics)   fallar,   estropearse
·the robbery went wrong and they got caught
·el atraco fracasó y los pillaron
·something went wrong with the gears
·las marchas empezaron a funcionar mal
·something went wrong with their plans
·algo falló en sus planes
·you can't go wrong
(with choice)   no te equivocaránoun,   puedes estar seguro   (with   con)   (in directions)   no tiene pérdida
·well, in that case you [thought] wrong
·bueno, en ese caso pensaste mal
C. -noun   mal (m)
a. to [do] somebody a wrong =   hacer mal a somebody, someone
·he can do no wrong
·es incapaz de hacer mal a nadie
·he did her wrong
·se portó mal con ella
b. to be [in] the wrong
(=guilty)   obrar mal
(=mistaken)   estar equivocado
·to put somebody in the wrong
·dejar en mal lugar a somebody, someone,   poner en evidencia a somebody, someone
c. to [right] a wrong =   deshacer un agravio,   acabar con un abuso
·two wrongs don't make a right
·no se subsana un error cometiendo otro
D. -transitive verb   ser injusto con
·you wrong me
·eso no es justo
·to feel that one has been wronged
·sentirse agraviado
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