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wring / escurrir
wring   [rɪŋ]
wrung   past tense   past participle
A. -transitive verb
1. also wring out
[+clothes, washing]   escurrir
2. (=twist)   torcer,   retorcer
·I'll wring your neck for that!
*   ¡te voy a retorcer el pescuezo! *
·she wrung my hand
·me dio un apretónoun de manos
a. to wring one'noun hands   (in distress)   retorcerse las manos
3. (figurative)
·eventually we wrung the truth out of them
·al final les sacamos la verdad
·to wring money out of somebody
·sacar dinero a somebody, someone
B. -noun
·to give the clothes a wring
·escurrir la ropa
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