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worthy / merecido
worthy   [ˈwɜ:ðɪ]
A. -adjective
worthier   comparative
worthiest   superlative
1. (=deserving)   [winner, champion]   merecido   [successor]   digno
·she found a worthy opponent in Sabatini
·encontró en Sabatini a una oponente de su categoría
·worthy [cause]   buena causa (f),   causa (f) noble
·to be worthy [of] something/somebody
·ser digno de algo/somebody, someone
·worthy of attention
·digno de atenciónoun
·a greatest hits album worthy of the name
·un disco de grandes éxitos digno de su nombre
·she wanted so much to be worthy of her father
·ansiaba ser digna hija de su padre
·that comment was not worthy of you
·esa observaciónoun fue indigna de usted
·that remark is not worthy of a reply
·ese comentario no (se) merece una respuesta
2. (=good)   [person]   respetable   [motive, aim]   encomiable
3. ironic   [person]   honorable,   venerable
B. -noun   humorous   ilustre personaje (m)
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