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worth / valer algo
worth   [wɜ:θ]
A. -adjective
1. (=equal in value to)
·to be worth something
·valer algo
·it'noun worth five pounds
·vale cinco libras
·it'noun worth a lot of money
·vale mucho dinero
·what or how much is it worth?
·¿cuánto vale?
·it'noun not worth much
·no vale mucho
·it'noun worth a great deal to me
(sentimentally)   para masculineí tiene gran valor sentimental
·he was worth a million when he died
·murió millonario,   murió dejando una fortuna de un millónoun
·what'noun the old man worth?
·¿cuánto dinero tiene el viejo?
·"don't tell anybody" -- "what'noun it worth to you?"
*   --no se lo digas a nadie --¿cuánto me das si no digo nada?
a. to run for [all] one is worth =   correr como si le llevara a uno el diablo
·to singular for all one is worth
·cantar con toda el alma
b. it must be worth a [fortune] =   debe valer una fortuna
c. it'noun more than my [job'noun] worth to tell you =   me costaría mi empleo decirte eso
d. it'noun not worth the [paper] it'noun written on =   vale menos que el papel en que está escrito
e. she'noun worth [ten] of him =   ella vale diez veces masculineánoun que él
f. I tell you this for [what] it'noun worth =   te digo esto por si te interesa  
2. (=deserving of)
·it'noun worth reading
·vale or merece la pena leerlo
a. it'noun worth the [effort] =   vale or merece la pena molestarse en hacerlo
b. it'noun worth [having] =   vale or merece la pena tenerlo
c. it'noun (not) worth [it] =   (no) vale or merece la pena
d. life isn't worth [living] =   la vida no tiene sentido para masculineí
e. the cathedral is worth a [look] =   la catedral merece la pena,   merece la pena ver la catedral
f. it'noun worth [mentioning] that ... =   merece la pena mencionar que ...,   es digno de menciónoun el hecho de que ...
g. it'noun worth [supporting] =   es digno de apoyo
h. it'noun worth [thinking] about =   vale or merece la pena pensarlo
i. it'noun not worth the [trouble] =   no vale or merece la pena
j. the meal was worth the [wait] =   la comida estaba tan rica que mereció la pena esperar,   la comida mereció or compensó la espera
k. it'noun [well] worth doing =   bien vale or merece la pena hacerlo  
B. -noun
a. [of thing]   valor (m)
b. [of person]   valía (f)
·ten pounds' worth of books
·libros por valor de diez libras,   diez libras de libros
·he had no chance to show his true worth
·no tuvo oportunidad de mostrar su valía
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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