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worm / gusano
worm   [wɜ:m]
A. -noun
1. (=earthworm)   gusano (m),   lombriz (f)
a. the worm will turn   la paciencia tiene un límite
2. (in fruit, vegetable)   gusano (m) also computing  
3. (medicine)
·to have worms
·tener lombrices
4. pejorative
(=person)   gusano (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=wriggle)
·he wormed his way out through the narrow window
·salió arrastrándose por la estrecha ventana
·to worm one'noun way into a group
pejorative   infiltrarse en un grupo
·to worm one'noun way into somebody'noun confidence
pejorative   ganarse la confianza de somebody, someone
2. pejorative
·to worm a secret out of somebody
·arrancarle un secreto a somebody, someone
3. (=treat)
[+dog, cat, horse]   desparasitar
C. -compound
·worm powder   -noun   polvos masculine plural antiparasitarios
·worm tablet   -noun   tableta (f) antiparasitaria
WORM   [wə:m]   -abbreviation   write once read many times
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