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work up / conseguir
work up   work   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=develop)
[+energy, courage]   conseguir
·I can't work up much enthusiasm for the plan
·no consigo entusiasmarme con el plan
·together they worked the business up from nothing
·entre los dos levantaron el negocio de la nada
·you could work this story up into a film
·podrías desarrollar este cuento para hacer una película
·to work up an appetite
·abrir el apetito
·I've worked up quite a thirst, carrying those boxes
·me ha entrado mucha sed cargando esas cajas
2. (=excite)
·he worked the crowd up into a frenzy
·exaltó los ánimos de la multitud
·to work o.noun. up into a rage
·ponerse furioso,   enfurecerse
·to be worked up
·excitarse,   exaltarse,   emocionarse especially Latin America
·don't get all worked up!
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