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wood / madera
wood   [wʊd]
A. -noun
1. (=material)   madera (f)
·it'noun made of wood
·es de madera
·dead wood
(literally)   ramas feminine plural muertas
·touch wood!
·¡toca madera!
2. (=firewood)   leña (f)
3. (=forest)   bosque (m)   woods   bosque masculine singular
·we went for a walk in the wood(noun)
·fuimos a pasear por el bosque
·to take to the woods
·echarse al monte
a. we're not out of the wood(noun) yet   aúnoun no estamos fuera de peligro
b. he can't see the wood for the trees
(British, Great Britain)   los árboles no le dejan ver el bosque,   aúnoun no le encuentra el chiste Latin America
4. (Golf)   palo (m) de madera
5. (Bowls)   bola (f)
6. (in brewing)
·beer drawn from the wood
cerveza (f) de barril
7. (music)
·the woods
·los instrumentos de viento de madera
B. -compound
·wood alcohol   -noun   alcohol (m) metílico
·wood anemone   -noun   anémona (f) silvestre
·wood block   -noun   bloque (m) de madera
(=woodcut)   grabado (m) en madera   (in paving)   adoquínoun (m) de madera,   tarugo (m)
·wood carving   -noun   talla (f) de madera
·wood engraving   -noun   grabado (m) en madera
·wood pulp   -noun   pasta (f) de madera
·wood shavings   -noun plural   virutas feminine plural
·wood spirit   -noun   wood alcohol
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