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wit / inteligencia
wit   1   [wɪt]   -noun
1. (=understanding)   inteligencia (f)
a. a [battle] of wits =   una contienda entre dos inteligencias
b. to [collect] one'noun wits =   reconcentrarse
c. to be at one'noun wits' [end] =   no saber qué hacer,   estar desesperado
d. to [gather] one'noun wits =   reconcentrarse
e. to [have] or [keep] one'noun wits about one =   no perder la cabeza
·he hadn't the wit to see that ...
·no tenía bastante inteligencia para comprender que ...
f. to [live] by one'noun wits =   vivir del cuento
g. to be [out] of one'noun wits =   estar fuera de nouní
·to be frightened or scared out of one'noun wits
·estar profundamente asustado
h. to [sharpen] one'noun wits =   aguzar el ingenio,   despabilarse
i. to [use] one'noun wits =   usar su sentido comúnoun
2. (=humour, wittiness)   ingenio (m),   agudeza (f)
a. in a [flash] of wit he said ... =   en un golpe de ingenio dijo ...
b. to have a [ready] wit =   ser ingenioso
c. the wit and [wisdom] of Joe Soap =   las agudezas y sabiduría de Joe Soap
d. a story told [without] wit =   un cuento narrado sin gracia
3. (=person)   persona (f) ingeniosa   (history)   ingenio (m)
·an Elizabethan wit
·un ingenio de la época isabelina
wit / a saber ...
formal usage
(also law, legal)
·to wit ...
·a saber ...,   esto es ...
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