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wire / alambre
wire   [ˈwaɪər]
A. -noun
1. (metal)   alambre (m)   (electricity)   cable (m)
·copper wire
hilo (m) de cobre
·the telephone wire
·el cable del teléfono
a. to get one'noun wires crossed   *   tener un malentendido
b. to pull wires
(United States)   *   tocar resortes
·he can pull wires
(United States)   *   tiene enchufes *,   tiene buenas agarraderas Chile Chile
2. (United States)   (telecommunications)   telegrama (m)
·to send somebody a wire
·enviar un telegrama a somebody, someone
3. (Police)
(=hidden microphone)   micrófono (m) oculto
B. -transitive verb
1. also wire up   (electricity)
[+house]   poner la instalaciónoun eléctrica en
[+fence]   electrificar
·it'noun wired (up) for sound
·tiene la instalaciónoun eléctrica para el sonido
·it'noun all wired (up) for cable television
·se ha completado la instalaciónoun eléctrica para la televisiónoun por cable
·to be wired up
(United States)   *
(=tense)   estar tenso
2. (United States)   (telecommunications)
·to wire somebody
·comunicar con somebody, someone (por telegrama)
·to wire money to somebody
·enviar un giro telegráfico a somebody, someone
·to wire information to somebody
·enviar informaciónoun a somebody, someone por telegrama
3. (=connect)   conectar   (to   a)
·it'noun wired to the alarm
·está conectado a la alarma
C. -compound
·wire brush   -noun   cepillo (m) de alambre
·wire cutters   -noun plural   cortaalambres masculine invariable,   cizalla feminine singular
·wire fence   -noun   alambrado (m)
·wire mesh
·wire netting   -noun   tela (f) metálica,   malla (f) metálica
·wire service   -noun
(especially United States)   agencia (f) de noticias
·wire wool   -noun   lana (f) de alambre
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