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wine / vino
wine   [waɪn]
A. -noun   vino (m)
·red/white/rosé wine
·vino tinto/blanco/rosado
B. -transitive verb
·to wine and dine somebody
·agasajar a somebody, someone
C. -intransitive verb
·to wine and dine
·comer y beber (en restaurantes)
D. -compound
·wine bar   -noun   bar (m) especializado en servir vinos
·wine bottle   -noun   botella (f) de vino
·wine cask   -noun   tonel (m) de vino,   barril (m) de vino
·wine cellar   -noun   bodega (f)
·wine grower   -noun   intransitive verbñador (m) / intransitive verbñadoa (f)
·wine growing   -noun   vinicultura (f)
·wine list   -noun   lista or carta
·wine merchant   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   vinatero (m) / vinatera (f)
·wine press   -noun   prensa (f) de uvas,   lagar (m)
·wine rack   -noun   botellero (m)
·wine taster   -noun   catador (m) / catadoa (f)
·wine tasting   -noun   cata (f) de vinos
·wine vinegar   -noun   vinagre (m) de vino
·wine waiter   -noun   sumiller (m),   escanciador (m)
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