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win / victoria
win   [wɪn]
won   verb: past tense, past participle
A. -noun   victoria (f),   triunfo (m)
·another win for Castroforte
·otra victoria or otro triunfo para el Castroforte
·their fifth win in a row
·su quinta victoria consecutiva,   su quinto triunfo consecutivo
·last Sunday'noun win against or over Pakistan
·la victoria del domingo frente a or sobre Pakistánoun
·to back a horse for a win
·apostar dinero por un caballo para que gane la/una carrera
·I [had] a win on the lottery
·gané la lotería
B. -transitive verb
1. (=be victorious in)
[+competition, bet, war, election]   ganar
a. you can't win them all   no siempre se puede ganar
b. to win the day   (military)   triunfar   (figurative)   triunfar,   imponerse
·pragmatism will probably win the day
·al final triunfará or se impondrá el pragmatismo
·the government finally won the day after a heated debate
·finalmente el gobierno triunfó or se impuso tras un debate acalorado
2. (=be awarded)
[+cup, award, prize, title]   ganar
[+contract, order]   obtener,   conseguir
·the party won a convincing victory at the polls
·el partido consiguió or obtuvo una victoria convincente en las elecciones
3. (=obtain)
[+pay rise, promotion]   conseguir,   ganarse
[+support, friendship, recognition]   ganarse
[+metal, ore]   extraer   (from   de)
·how to win friends and influence people
·cómo ganarse amigos e influenciar a las personas
·to win a reputation for honesty
·granjearse or ganarse una reputaciónoun de persona honrada
·to win somebody something: it won him first prize
·le valió or le ganó el primer premio
·this manoeuvre won him the time he needed
·esta maniobra le ganó el tiempo que necesitaba
·to win something [from] somebody
·ganar algo a somebody, someone
·he won five pounds from her at cards
·le ganó cinco libras jugando a cartas
·new land won from the marshes
·nuevas tierras ganadas a los pantanos
·to win somebody'noun [hand] (in marriage)
obtener la mano de somebody, someone (en matrimonio) formal usage
·to win somebody'noun [heart]
·conquistar a somebody, someone
·to win somebody [to] one'noun cause
·ganar a somebody, someone para la causa de uno,   atraer a somebody, someone a la causa de uno
4. (=reach)
[+shore]   llegar a,   alcanzar
[+goal]   conseguir
·he won his way to the top of his profession
·(a base de trabajar duro) consiguió llegar a la cima de su profesiónoun
5. (military)
(=capture)   tomar
C. -intransitive verb   (in war, sport, competition)   ganar
·who'noun winning?
·¿quiénoun va ganando?
·go in and win!
·¡a ganar!
·he has a good chance of winning
·tiene muchas posibilidades de hacerse con la victoria or de ganar
·OK, you win
*   vale, ganas
·Evans won 2-6, 6-4, 6-3
·Evans ganó 2-6, 6-4, 6-3
·she always wins [at] cards
·siempre gana a las cartas
·to win [by] a head/a length
·ganar por una cabeza/un largo
·to [play] to win
·jugar a ganar
a. you can't win
·whatever you say, you're always wrong, you can't win
·digas lo que digas, ellos siempre tienen razónoun, ¡no hay manera!
b. to win hands down   ganar de forma aplastante
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