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will / lo terminaré mañana
will   1   [wɪl]
would   past tense
A. -auxiliary verb, modal auxiliary verb
1. (talking about the future)
1.1. ·I will or I'll finish it tomorrow
·lo terminaré mañana
·I will or I'll have finished it by tomorrow
·lo habré terminado para mañana
·"you won't lose it, will you?"
·no lo perderánoun ¿verdad?
(stronger)   no lo vayas a perder
·you will come to see us, won't you?
·vendránoun a vernos, ¿no?
·it won't take long
·no llevará mucho tiempo
·we'll probably go out later
·seguramente saldremos luego
·I'll always love you
·te querré siempre
·what will you do?
·¿qué vas a hacer?
·we'll be having lunch late
·vamos a comer tarde
·we'll talk about it later
·hablamos luego
1.2. (emphatic language)
·I will do it!
·¡nouní lo haré!
·no he won't!
·¡no lo hará!
2. (in conjectures)
·he will or he'll be there by now
·ya debe de haber llegado or ya habrá llegado
·she'll be about 50
·tendrá como 50 años
·that will be the postman
·será el cartero
3. (expressing willingness)
3.1. (in commands, insistence)
·will you sit down!
·will you be quiet!
·¿te quieres callar?
·he will have none of it
·no quiere ni siquiera pensarlo
·"I won't go" -- "oh yes you will"
·--no voy --¿cómo que no?
·I will not or I won't put up with it!
·¡no lo voy a consentir!
·I will not have it that ...
no permito que se diga que ... + subjunctive
·I will
(marriage service)   nouní quiero
3.2. (in offers, requests, invitations, refusals)
·come on, I'll help you
·venga, te ayudo
·will you help me?
·¿me ayudas?
·wait a moment, will you?
·espera un momento, ¿quieres?
·will you have some tea?
·¿quieres tomar un té?
·will you sit down?
·¿quiere usted sentarse?,   tome usted asiento more formal usage
·won't you come with us?
·¿no quieres venir con nosotros?
·Tom won't help me
·Tom no me quiere ayudar
4. (expressing habits)
4.1. soler,   acostumbrar a
·she will read for hours on end
·suele leer or acostumbra a leer durante horas y horas
4.2. (expressing persistence)
·she will smoke, despite what the doctor says
·a pesar de lo que dice el masculineédico, se empeña en fumar
·accidents will happen
·son cosas que pasan
·boys will be boys
·así son los chicos
·he will keep leaving the door open
·siempre tiene que dejar la puerta abierta
·if you will eat so much, you can hardly expect to be slim
·si insistes en comer tanto, no pensaránoun adelgazar
5. (expressing capability)
·the car won't start
·el coche no arranca
·the car will cruise at 100mph
·el coche podrá alcanzar las 100 millas por hora
·a man who will do that will do anything
·un hombre que es capaz de eso es capaz de todo
B. -intransitive verb
(=wish)   querer
·(just) as you will!
·¡como quieras!
·if God wills
·si lo quiere Dios
·say what you will
·di lo que quieras
·do as you will
·haz lo que quieras,   haz lo que te parezca bien
·look where you will, you won't find one
·mires donde mires, no vas a encontrar uno
will / voluntad
A. -noun
1. (=inclination, wish)   voluntad (f)
a. [against] somebody'noun will =   contra la voluntad de somebody, someone
b. [at] will =   a voluntad
c. to [do] somebody'noun will =   hacer la voluntad de somebody, someone
·Thy will be done
·hágase tu voluntad
d. to do something of one'noun own [free] will =   hacer algo por voluntad propia
e. the will of [God] =   la voluntad de Dios
f. [iron] will
g. will of [iron] =   voluntad (f) de hierro
h. to have a will of one'noun [own] =   tener voluntad propia
i. it is my will [that] you should do it   formal usage   quiero que lo hagas
j. the will [to] win/live =   el deseo de ganar/vivir
k. to work [with] a will =   trabajar con ahinco
l. with the best will in the [world] =   por mucho que se quiera
·where there'noun a will there'noun a way
·querer es poder
2. (=testament)   testamento (m)
a. the [last] will and testament of ... =   la última voluntad de ...
b. to [make] a will =   hacer testamento
B. -transitive verb
1. (=urge on by willpower)   lograr a fuerza de voluntad
·he willed himself to stay awake
·consiguió quedarse despierto a fuerza de voluntad
·I was willing you to win
·estaba deseando que ganaras
2. (=ordain)   ordenar,   disponer
·God has so willed it
·Dios lo ha ordenado así
3. (=leave in one'noun will)
·to will something to somebody
·legar algo a somebody, someone,   dejar algo (en herencia) a somebody, someone
·he willed his pictures to the nation
·legó sus cuadros a la naciónoun
(familiar form)
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