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white / blanco
white   [waɪt]
A. -adjective
whiter   comparative
whitest   superlative
1. (generally)   blanco   [wine, grape, chocolate]   blanco   [coffee]
(=milky)   con leche
(=with dash of milk)   cortado
·to [go] or [turn] white
(in face)   ponerse blanco or pálido,   palidecer
a. whiter than white   [person, way of life]   sin tacha,   angelical
·"Bleacho" washes whiter than white
·"Bleacho" deja la colada blanca como la nieve
·he went white at the age of 30
·el pelo se le puso blanco a los 30 años,   encaneció a los 30 años
·she was white [with] rage
·estaba pálida de la rabia
b. to show the white feather   mostrarse cobarde
c. to be as white as a sheet or ghost   estar pálido como la muerte
2. (racially)   [person]   blanco   [area]   de raza blanca   [vote]   de los blancos
B. -noun
1. (=colour)   blanco (m)
·his face was a deathly white
·su rostro estaba blanco or pálido como la muerte
·the sheets were a dazzling white
·las nounábanas eran de un blanco deslumbrante
·to be dressed [in] white
·ir vestido de blanco
2. (=white person)   blanco (m) / blanca (f)
3. also white wine   blanco (m)
·a glass of white
·un blanco
4. [of egg]   clara (f)
5. [of eye]   blanco (m)
6. whites   (Sport)
·[cricket]/[tennis] whites
equipo (m) blanco de cricket/tennis
C. -compound
·white [blood cell]   -noun   glóbulo (m) blanco
·white chocolate   -noun   chocolate (m) blanco
·white Christmas   -noun   Navidades feminine plural blancas or con nieve
·white coffee   -noun   (milky)   café (m) con leche   (with dash of milk)   café (m) cortado
·white dwarf   -noun   (astronomy)   enana (f) blanca
·white elephant   -noun   (figurative)   elefante (m) blanco
·white elephant [stall]
tenderete donde se venden cachivaches
·white [ensign]   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   enseña (f) blanca
·white [flag]   -noun   (military)   bandera (f) blanca
·white fox   -noun   arctic fox
·white [gold]   -noun   oro (m) blanco
·white [goods]   -noun plural   electrodomésticos masculine plural
·white grape   -noun   uva (f) blanca
·white [heat]   -noun   (physics)   calor (m) blanco
·white hope   -noun
·the great white hope
·la gran esperanza dorada
·white [horses]   -noun plural   (on waves)   cabrillas feminine plural
·the White [House]   -noun   (in United States)   la Casa Blanca
·white knight   -noun   (finance)   caballero (m) blanco
·white [lead]   -noun   (chemistry)   albayalde (m)
·white [lie]   -noun   mentira (f) piadosa
·to [tell] a white lie
·decir una mentira piadosa
·white [light]   -noun   (physics)   luz (f) blanca
·white [magic]   -noun   magia (f) blanca
·white [meat]   -noun   (culinary, cooking )   carne (f) blanca
·White [Nile]   -noun   Nile
·white [noise]   -noun   (Acoustics)   ruido (m) blanco or uniforme
·white [owl]   -noun   búho (m) blanco
·White [Paper]   -noun
(British, Great Britain, Australia, Canada)   (parliament)   libro (m) blanco
·white [pepper]   -noun   pimienta (f) blanca
·White [Russia]   -noun   (history)   la Rusia Blanca
·White Russian   -noun   (history)   rusoa masculine/feminine blancoa
·white [sale]   -noun   (commerce)   rebajas feminine plural de ropa blanca
·white [sapphire]   -noun   zafiro (m) blanco
·white [sauce]   -noun   salsa (f) bechamel,   besamel (f)
·the White [Sea]   -noun   el Mar Blanco
·white [shark]   -noun   tiburónoun (m) blanco
·white [slave trade]   -noun   trata (f) de blancas
·white [spirit]   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   trementina (f)
·white [tie]   -noun
(=tie)   pajarita (f) blanca
(=outfit)   traje (m) de etiqueta con pajarita blanca
·white trash   ***   -noun
(United States)   pejorative   término ofensivo contra la clase blanca pobre estadounidense
·white [water]   -noun   aguas feminine plural rápidas
·white water [rafting]   piragüismo (m) en aguas rápidas,   rafting (m)
·white [wedding]   -noun
·to [have] a white wedding
·casarse de blanco (y por la iglesia)
·white [whale]   -noun   ballena (f) blanca
·white [wine]   -noun   vino (m) blanco
·white [wood]   -noun   madera (f) blanca
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