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well / pozo
well   1   [wel]
A. -noun
1. (=bore)   (for water)   pozo (m),   fuente (f)   (for oil)   pozo (m)
·to sink a well
·perforar un pozo
2. [of stairs]   hueco (m),   caja (f)
3. (in auditorium)   estrado (m)
B. -intransitive verb   also well out, well up   brotar,   manar
well / bien
well   2   [wel]
better   comparative
best   superlative
A. -adverb
1. (=in a good manner)   bien
·I remember it well
·lo recuerdo bien
·I know the place well
·conozco bien el lugar
·(and) well I know it!
·¡(y) bien que lo nouné!
·to eat/live well
·comer/vivir bien
a. he sings [as] well [as] she does =   canta tan bien como ella
·as well as he could
·lo mejor que pudo
b. to [do] well at school =   sacar buenas notas en el colegio
·to do well in an exam
·sacar buena nota en un examen
·the patient is doing well
·el paciente evoluciona bien
·you would do well to think seriously about our offer
·le convendría considerar seriamente nuestra oferta
·you did well to come at once
·hizo bien en venir enseguida
c. well [done]! =   ¡bien hecho!
d. to [go] well =   ir bien
·everything is going well
·todo va bien
e. well and [good] =   muy bien
f. well [played]!   (Sport)   ¡bien hecho!
g. to [speak] well of somebody =   hablar bien de somebody, someone
h. to [think] well of somebody =   tener una buena opiniónoun de somebody, someone
·he is well thought of here
·aquí se le estima mucho
2. (=thoroughly, considerably)
2.1. bien
·it was well deserved
·estuvo bien merecido
a. he'noun well [away]   *
(=drunk)   está borracho perdido
b. to be well [in] with somebody =   llevarse muy bien con somebody, someone
c. it continued well [into] 1996 =   siguió hasta bien entrado 1996
d. he is well [over] or [past] fifty =   tiene cincuenta y muchos años
·well [over] a thousand
·muchos masculineánoun de mil,   los mil bien pasados
·it'noun well past ten o'clock
·son las diez y mucho
e. she knows you [too] well to think that =   te conoce demasiado bien para pensar eso de ti
·she loved him too well
·lo quería demasiado
·as we know all or only too well
·como sabemos perfectamente
f. well and [truly]
(especially British, Great Britain)   de verdad,   realmente
·we got well and truly wet
·nos mojamos de verdad
g. to [wish] somebody well =   desear todo lo mejor a somebody, someone
h. it was well [worth] the trouble =   realmente valió la pena
2.2. ·well dodgy/annoyed
**   bien chungo */enfadado
3. (=probably, reasonably)
·you may well be surprised to learn that ...
·puede que te sorprenda mucho saber que ...
·it may well be that ...
es muy posible que + subjunctive
·they may well be lying
·es muy posible que mientan
a. we may [as] well begin now =   ya podemos empezar, ¿no?
·you might [as] well tell me the truth
·masculineánoun valdría decirme la verdad
·"shall I go?" -- "you may or might as well"
·"¿voy?" -- "por qué no"
·we might (just) as well have stayed at home
·para lo que hemos hecho, nos podíamos haber quedado en casa
·she cried, as well she might
·lloró, y con razónoun
b. you may well [ask]! =   ¡buena pregunta!
c. I couldn't [very] well leave =   me resultaba imposible marcharme
4. (in set expressions)
4.1. [as] well
(=in addition)   tambiénoun
·I'll take those as well
·me llevo esos tambiénoun
·and it rained as well!
·¡y ademánoun llovió!
·by night as well [as] by day
·tanto de noche como de día
b. [as] well [as] his dog he has two rabbits =   ademánoun de un perro tiene dos conejos
·I had Paul with me as well as Lucy
·Paul estaba conmigo, así como Lucy or ademánoun de Lucy
·could you manage to eat mine as well as yours?
·¿podrías comerte el masculineío y el tuyo?
·all sorts of people, rich as well as poor
·gente de toda clase, tanto rica como pobre
4.2. to leave well [alone]
·my advice is to leave well alone
·te aconsejo que no te metas
·this sort of wound is best left well alone
·lo mejor es ni tocar este tipo de herida
B. -adjective
1. (=healthy)   bien
·I'masculine very well thank you
·estoy muy bien, gracias
·I hope you're well
·espero que te encuentres bien
·are you well?
·¿qué tal estánoun?
·she'noun not been well lately
·recientemente ha estado algo indispuesta
a. to [get] well =   mejorarse
·get well soon!
·¡que te mejores!
2. (=acceptable, satisfactory)   bien
·that'noun all very well, but ...
·todo eso está muy bien, pero ...
·it or we would [be] well to start early
·mejor si salimos temprano
a. it would be [as] well to ask =   masculineánoun vale or valdría preguntar
·it'noun as well not to offend her
·masculineánoun te vale no ofenderla
·it would be just as well for you to stay
·mejor si te quedas
b. it'noun well [for] you that nobody saw you =   menos mal que nadie te vio
c. it'noun [just] as well we asked =   menos mal que preguntamos
·all'noun well that ends well
·bien está lo que bien acaba
C. -exclamation
1. (introducing topic, resuming)   bueno
·well, it was like this
·bueno, pues así ocurrió
·well, as I was saying ...
·bueno, como iba diciendo
·well, that'noun that!
·¡bueno, asunto concluido!
2. (expressing resignation)
·well, if we must go, let'noun get going
·bueno, si nos tenemos que ir, vayámonos
·well then?
·¿y qué?
3. (concessive, dismissive)   pues
·well, if you're worried, why don't you call her?
·pues si estánoun tan preocupada ¿por qué no la llamas?
·well, I think she'noun a fool
·pues yo pienso que es tonta
4. (expressing relief)
·well, thank goodness for that!
·(pues) ¡gracias a Dios!
5. (expressing surprise)   ¡vaya!
·well, what do you know!
*   ¡anda, quiénoun lo diría!
·well, who would have thought it!
·¡anda, quiénoun lo diría!
·well, well!
·¡vaya, vaya!
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