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weight / peso
weight   [weɪt]
A. -noun
1. (=heaviness)   peso (m)
a. sold [by] weight =   vendido a peso
b. to [gain] weight =   engordar,   ganar peso
c. a package three kilos [in] weight =   un paquete que pesa tres kilos,   un paquete de tres kilos
d. to [lose] weight =   adelgazar,   perder peso
e. to [put on] weight =   engordar,   ganar peso
f. the fence couldn't [take] his weight and collapsed =   la valla no aguantó su peso y se vino abajo
g. to [take] the weight [off] one'noun feet =   sentarse a descansar
h. to chuck or throw one'noun weight about   *   ir de sargento *
i. to throw one'noun weight [behind] somebody   apoyar a somebody, someone con toda su fuerza
·the government is throwing its weight behind the reforms
·el gobierno está apoyando con toda su fuerza las reformas
j. it is [worth] its weight in gold   vale su peso en oro
k. that'noun a weight off my mind   eso me quita un peso de encima
l. he doesn't pull his weight   no hace su parte or lo que le corresponde
2. (in clock, for scales)   pesa (f)
(=heavy object)   peso (m)
·weights and [measures]
pesas feminine plural y medidas
·the doctor has forbidden me to lift heavy weights
·el masculineédico me ha prohibido levantar peso
3. (figurative)
(=importance)   peso (m)
·these are arguments of some weight
·son argumentos de cierto peso
·those arguments carry great weight with the minister
·esos argumentos influyen poderosamente en el ministro
·those arguments carry no weight with the minister
·esos argumentos no influyen en el ministro
·they won by sheer weight of numbers
·ganaron simplemente porque eran masculineánoun
·to [give] due weight to something
·dar la debida importancia a algo
·to lend [weight] to something
·darle masculineánoun peso a algo
B. -transitive verb
(=add weight to)   cargar,   dar peso a
(=hold down)   sujetar con un peso
C. -compound
·weight gain   -noun   aumento (m) de peso
·weight limit   -noun   límite (m) de peso
·weight loss   -noun   pérdida (f) de peso
·weight problem   -noun
·to have a weight problem
·tener problemas de peso
·weight training   -noun   entrenamiento (m) con pesas
·weight watcher   -noun   persona (f) que vigila el peso or cuida la línea
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