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weigh down / sujetar con un peso/una piedra {etc}
weigh down   weigh
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (literally)
1.1. (=hold down)   sujetar (con un peso/una piedra etcetera)
1.2. (=encumber)
·don't take anything with you that will weigh you down
·no te lleves nada que te suponga demasiado peso
·she was weighed down with parcels
·iba muy cargada de paquetes
·a branch weighed down with fruit
·una rama muy cargada de fruta
2. (figurative)   agobiar,   abrumar more literary
·to be weighed down with or by sorrow
·estar abrumado por la pena
·he felt weighed down with or by responsibilities
·se sentía agobiado por las responsabilidades
·I was weighed down by guilt
·me pesaba el sentimiento de culpabilidad
·the government is weighed down with or by debt
·el gobierno está cargado de deudas
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
·to weigh down [on] somebody
·agobiar a somebody, someone,   abrumar a somebody, someone more literary
·sorrow weighed down on her
·la pena la abrumaba
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