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weigh / pesar
weigh   [weɪ]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=measure weight of)   pesar
·to weigh [o.noun.]
2. (=consider)
[+evidence, options, risks]   sopesar,   considerar
·the advantages of surgery have to be weighed [against] possible risks
·las ventajas de la cirugía se tienen que contraponer a los posibles riesgos
·to weigh the [pros and cons] (of something)
·sopesar or considerar los pros y los contras (de algo)
3. ·to weigh [anchor]
·levar anclas
B. -intransitive verb
1. (=tip the scales at)   pesar
·it weighs four kilos
·pesa cuatro kilos
·how much or what do you weigh?
·¿cuánto pesas?
·this weighs a ton!
*   ¡esto pesa un quintal! *
2. (figurative)
2.1. (=be influential)   influir
·to weigh [against] something/somebody
·ser un factor en contra de algo/somebody, someone
·there are many factors weighing against the meeting happening
·hay muchos factores en contra de que tenga lugar la reuniónoun
·to weigh [in favour of] something/somebody
·ser un factor a favor de algo/somebody, someone,   inclinar la balanza a favor de algo/somebody, someone
·all these factors will weigh heavily [with] voters
·todos estos factores influiránoun mucho en los votantes
2.2. (=be a burden)
·to weigh [on] somebody
·agobiar a somebody, someone
·her absence began to weigh on me
·su ausencia comenzó a agobiarme
·to weigh on somebody'noun [conscience]
·pesar sobre la conciencia de somebody, someone
·it weighs (heavily) on her [mind]
·le preocupa (mucho)
·eat something that won't weigh on your [stomach]
·come algo que no te resulte pesado al estómago
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