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wait / esperar
wait   [weɪt]
A. -intransitive verb
1. (=hold on)
1.1. [person]   esperar
·just wait a moment while I fetch you a chair
·espere un momento que voy a traerle una silla
·repairs while you wait
·reparaciones en el acto
·reporters were waiting to interview her
·los reporteros estaban esperando para entrevistarla
a. I [can't] wait to see his face =   estoy deseando ver su cara
·they can't wait for us to go
·estánoun deseando que nos vayamos
b. to wait [for] something/somebody =   esperar algo/a somebody, someone
·I'll wait for you outside
·te espero fuera
·what are you waiting for?
(=hurry up)   ¡a qué esperas!,   ¡venga ya!
·the best things in life are worth waiting for
·en esta vida las cosas buenas merecen la espera
·to wait [for] somebody [to do] something
·esperar (a) que somebody, someone haga algo
·they waited for him to finish
·esperaron (a) que terminara
·I'masculine waiting for them to make a decision
·estoy esperando (a) que tomen una decisiónoun,   estoy pendiente de que tomen una decisiónoun
c. I can [hardly] wait! =   ¡me muero de impaciencia!
d. to [keep] somebody waiting =   hacer esperar a somebody, someone
·sorry to keep you waiting
·sorry to have kept you waiting
·siento haberle hecho esperar
e. wait a [minute]! =   ¡un momento!,   ¡momentito! especially Latin America,   ¡aguarde! Latin America
·now wait a minute, Dave, you never told me that
·eh, un momento, Dave, nunca me dijiste eso
f. wait and [see]! =   ¡espera, ya veránoun!
g. I waited [till] two o'clock =   esperé hasta las dos
·wait till you're asked
·espera a que te inviten
·just you wait till your father finds out!
·¡ya veránoun cuando se entere tu padre!
h. to be waiting in the wings   esperar entre bastidores
1.2. [thing]
·the dishes can wait
·los platos pueden esperar
·there'noun a parcel waiting to be collected
·hay un paquete que hay que recoger
·there is a big market just waiting to be opened up
·hay un mercado grande para abrir
·the ferry tragedy was a disaster waiting to happen
·la tragedia del ferry se veía venir
2. (as servant)
a. to wait [at] table =   servir a or atender la mesa
B. -transitive verb
1. (=await)
a. to wait one'noun [chance] =   esperar la oportunidad
b. can't you wait your [turn] like everyone else? =   ¿no puedes esperar a que llegue tu turno como los demonstrativeánoun?
2. *
[+dinner, lunch, etcetera]
·don't wait dinner for me
·no me esperen para cenar
3. (=serve)
a. to wait [table]
(United States)   servir a la mesa,   atender la mesa
C. -noun   espera (f)
a. it was a long wait [for] the train =   fue una larga espera hasta la llegada del tren
·patients face a 28-week wait for operations
·los pacientes tienen que esperar 28 semanas a que les operen
b. to lie [in] wait (for somebody) =   andar or estar al acecho (de somebody, someone)
c. you may have [quite] a wait =   puede que tengas que esperar bastante
d. dinner was [worth] the wait =   la cena mereció la espera
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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