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wage / sueldo
wage   [weɪdȝ]
A. -noun
1. (=rate per week, year, etcetera)   sueldo (m),   salario (m) more formal usage
·a [basic] wage of £55 a week
un sueldo or more formal usage salario base de 55 libras semanales
·he gets a [good] wage
·gana un buen sueldo
·those on [high]/[low] wages
las personas que ganan sueldos or more formal usage salarios altos/bajos
·[minimum] wage
·salario masculineínimo
2. wages
(=money received)   paga (f),   sueldo (m)
·a day'noun wages
·la paga or el sueldo de un día
(agriculture)   un jornal
·I get my wages on Fridays
·me pagan los viernes
·the wages of sin is death
·el pecado se paga con la muerte
B. -transitive verb
[+war]   hacer
[+campaign]   llevar a cabo,   hacer
·to wage war [against] or [on] somebody
·hacer la guerra a somebody, someone
·to wage war against or on inflation
·luchar contra la inflaciónoun,   hacer la guerra a la inflaciónoun
C. -compound
·wage agreement   -noun   convenio (m) salarial
·wage bill   -noun   gastos masculine plural de nounómina,   gastos masculine plural salariales
·wage claim   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   reivindicaciónoun (f) salarial
·wage clerk   -noun   wages clerk
·wage contract   -noun   wage agreement
·wage costs   -noun plural   costes masculine plural del factor trabajo
·wage demand   -noun   reivindicaciónoun (f) salarial
·wage differential   -noun   diferencia (f) salarial
·wage earner   -noun   asalariado (m) / asalariada (f)
·we are both wage earners
·los dos somos asalariados
·she is the family wage earner
·ella es la que mantiene a la familia
·wage freeze   -noun   congelaciónoun (f) salarial
·wage increase   -noun   aumento (m) salarial
·wage levels   -noun plural   salarios masculine plural,   niveles masculine plural salariales
·wage negotiations   -noun plural   negociaciones feminine plural salariales
·wage packet   -noun
(especially British, Great Britain)
(=envelope with pay)   sobre (m) de la paga   (figurative)   paga (f)
·wage restraint   -noun   moderaciónoun (f) salarial
·wage rise   -noun   aumento (m) salarial
·wages bill   -noun   wage bill
·wage scale   -noun   escala (f) salarial
·wages clerk   -noun   habilitado (m) / habilitada (f)
·wage settlement   -noun   acuerdo (m) salarial
·wage slave   *   -noun   currante (m) / currante masculine and feminine (f)
·wage slip   -noun   nounómina (f),   hoja (f) salarial
·wages snatch   -noun   robo (m) de nounóminas
·wage talks   -noun plural   negociaciones feminine plural salariales
·wage worker   -noun
(United States)   asalariado (m) / asalariada (f)
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