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voluntary / voluntario
voluntary   [ˈvɒləntərɪ]
A. -adjective
1. (=not compulsory)   [contribution, attendance, scheme]   voluntario
·attendance is on a voluntary basis
·la asistencia es voluntaria
2. (=unpaid)   [work, helper]   voluntario
·he does voluntary [work] in his spare time
·trabaja de voluntario en su tiempo libre
·he works at the school on a voluntary basis
·trabaja en el colegio como voluntario
3. (=charitable)   [organization]   benéfico
B. -noun   (music)   solo (m) musical
·an organ/trumpet voluntary
·un solo de órgano/trompeta
C. -compound
·voluntary [euthanasia]   -noun   eutanasia (f) voluntaria
·voluntary [hospital]   -noun
(United States)   hospital (m) benéfico
·voluntary [liquidation]   -noun   (commerce, finance)   liquidaciónoun (f) voluntaria,   disoluciónoun (f)
·to go into voluntary liquidation
·entrar en liquidaciónoun voluntaria,   disolverse voluntariamente
·voluntary [manslaughter]   -noun
(United States)   (law, legal)   homicidio (m) con circunstancias atenuantes
·voluntary redundancy   -noun   retiro (m) voluntario,   baja (f) voluntaria Spain
·to take voluntary redundancy
·tomar el retiro voluntario,   coger la baja voluntaria Spain
·voluntary repatriation   -noun   repatriaciónoun (f) voluntaria
·the voluntary sector   -noun   el voluntariado
·Voluntary [Service Overseas]   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   Servicio (m) de Voluntarios en el Extranjero
·voluntary worker   -noun   voluntario (m) / voluntaria (f)
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