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volar / to fly
A. -intransitive verb
1. (=en el aire)
[aviónoun, pájaro, persona]   to fly
·nunca he volado en helicóptero
·I've never flown in o been in a helicopter
·¿a qué hora vuelas mañana?
·what time is your flight tomorrow?,   what time do you fly tomorrow?
·los papeles salieron volando por la ventana
·the papers blew out of the window
·el balónoun pasó volando por encima de nosotros
·the ball flew over our heads
·"vuela con Iberia"
·"fly (with) Iberia"
a. [echar] a volar
[+pájaro]   to set free,   let go
[+globo, cometa]   to fly
[+noticia]   to spread
b. [echarse] a volar
[pájaro]   (por primera vez)   to (begin to) fly
(=levantar el vuelo)   to take off
c. volar en [globo] =   to balloon
d. dejar volar la [imaginaciónoun] =   to let one'noun imagination run riot
e. volar alto
·este joven escritor volará alto
·this young writer will go far
·ese político quiere volar demasiado alto
·that politician is too ambitious
·en su última novela vuela alto
·in his latest novel he reaches new heights
f. volar solo   to go it alone
·un sindicato que hoy vuela solo
·a trade union which nowadays is going it alone
·empezó a volar solo en su último libro
·in his latest book he branched out on his own
·desde pequeñoneself le notaban las ganas de volar solo
·since he was a child you could see how much he wanted to do things his own way
2. [hacer] volar algo/a somebody, someone =   to blow something/somebody up
·una bomba hizo volar el automóvil
·a bomb blew up the car
·el choque le hizo volar por los aires a masculineánoun de dos metros de la carretera
·he was thrown more than two metres from the road by the impact
b. hacer volar algo en [pedazos] =   to blow something to pieces o to smithereens
3. ·volando: ¡venga, volando, que nos vamos!
come on, get a move on, we're going! *
·¡voy para allá volando!
I'll be right there! *
·me preparó la cena volando
he made my dinner in double-quick time *
·hice las maletas volando y me fui
I packed my bags as quick as I could and left *
·pasó volando en la moto
·he whizzed o sped past on his motorbike
·el deportivo iba volando por la autopista
·the sports car sped down the motorway
a. volar a [hacer] algo =   to rush to do something
·voló a decírselo a todo el mundo
·he rushed to tell everybody
·me voy volando a echar esta carta
·I must rush to post this letter
4. (=pasar rápido)
[noticia]   to travel fast
[tiempo]   to fly
[días, semanas, meses]   to fly by
·las buenas noticias vuelan
·good news travels fast
·¡cómo vuela el tiempo!
·(how) time flies!
·los meses vuelan y pronto llegará el verano
·the months are flying by and summer will soon be here
5. *
[objeto, persona]   to go,   disappear
·cuando me di cuenta, el bolso ya había volado
·before I knew it, the bag was gone o had gone o had disappeared
·en una semana volaron las diez botellas
·the ten bottles went o disappeared in the space of a week
·cuando llegó la policía los ladrones ya habían volado
·when the police arrived the robbers had vanished o disappeared
·el tabaco parece que vuela en esta casa
cigarettes seem to sprout legs in this house *
6. (architecture)   to stick out
7. (Mexicoéx)   *
[alcohol, diluyente]   to evaporate
8. *   (con drogas)   to trip *,   get high *
B. -transitive verb
1. (=hacer volar)
[+cometa, globo]   to fly   (Caza)
[+pájaro]   to flush out
·se pasa el día volando aviones de papel
·he spends the day flying paper aeroplanes
2. (=hacer explotar)
[+edificio, vehículo]   to blow up
[+caja fuerte]   to blow (open)
·volaron la entrada de la mina
·they blasted open the entrance to the mine
·le volaron la cabeza de un disparo
·they blew his head off with one shot
3. (typography)
[+letra, nounúmero]   to put in superscript
4. (Chile, Mexicoéx, Venezuela)   *
(=robar)   to pinch *,   nick *
5. (Latin America)   *
[+persona]   to irritate
6. (Central America)
a. volar diente   to eat
b. volar lengua   to talk,   speak
c. volar masculineáquina   to type
d. volar pata   to walk
C.   -pronominal verb
1. (=irse por el aire)
[papel, paraguas]   to blow away
[globo]   to fly away,   fly off
[sombrero]   to blow off
·se me volaron todos los papeles
·all my papers blew away
·con el viento se me ha volado el paraguas
·the wind has blown my umbrella away
·se le voló el sombrero
·his hat blew off
2. *
[persona]   to run off
·el marido se voló con su amante
·the husband ran off with his lover
3. (Latin America)   *
(=desaparecer)   to go,   disappear
4. (Latin America)   *
(=enfadarse)   to lose one'noun temper,   blow up *
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