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void / nulo
void   [vɔɪd]
A. -adjective
1. (law, legal)
(=invalid)   nulo,   invariableálido
·to make or render a contract void
·anular or invalidar un contrato
2. formal usage
(=empty)   vacío
·void of interest
·carente or desprovisto de interénoun
·to make somebody'noun efforts void
·hacer inútiles los esfuerzos de somebody, someone
B. -noun
1. (=emptiness)   (literally)   vacío (m)   (figurative)
(=sense of emptiness)   vacío (m)
·the void
·la nada
·to fill the void
·llenar el hueco or vacío
2. (=hole)   hueco (m)
3. (Cards)   fallo (m)
·to have a void in hearts
·tener fallo a corazones
C. -transitive verb
1. (medicine)   evacuar,   vaciar
2. (law, legal)   anular,   invalidar
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