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vital / vital
vital   [ˈvaɪtl]
A. -adjective
1. (=crucial)   [part, component, element]   vital,   indispensable   [ingredient]   esencial,   indispensable,   imprescindible   [factor]   decisivo   [link, role]   fundamental   [question]   vital   [information]   vital,   esencial
·it is vital to keep accurate records
·es imprescindible or esencial llevar un registro detallado
·is it really vital for her to have a new dress?
·¿es realmente imprescindible que se compre un vestido nuevo?
·it is vital that this be kept secret
·es esencial que se mantenga en secreto
·to be of vital importance (to something/somebody)
·ser de suma or vital importancia (para algo/somebody, someone)
·at the vital moment
·en el momento crítico or clave
·these meetings are vital to a successful outcome
·estas reuniones son esenciales para un resultado positivo
2. (=dynamic)   [person, organization]   vital,   lleno de vitalidad
·vital spark
chispa (f) vital
3. (physiology)
[organ, function]   vital
B. -noun   vitals   (anatomy)   usually humorous
(=internal organs)   órganos masculine plural vitales
(=male genitals)   órganos masculine plural sexuales,   partes feminine plural humorous
C. -compound
·vital [signs]   -noun plural   (medicine)   signos masculine plural vitales
·vital [statistics]   -noun plural   (sociology)   estadísticas feminine plural demográficas   *
a. [of woman'noun body]   medidas feminine plural
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