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vent / agujero
vent   [vent]
A. -noun
1. (mechanics)   agujero (m)
(=valve)   válvula (f)
(=airhole)   respiradero (m)
(=grille)   rejilla (f) de ventilaciónoun
(=pipe)   ventosa (f),   conducto (m) de ventilaciónoun
2. (=opening)   (in jacket, skirt)   abertura (f)
3. (zoology)   cloaca (f)
4. (=expression)
·to give vent to one'noun feelings
·to give vent to one'noun anger
·dar rienda suelta a su ira,   desahogar su ira
B. -transitive verb
1. (mechanics)   purgar
(=discharge)   descargar,   emitir,   dejar escapar
2. (=release)
[+feelings]   desahogar,   descargar
·to vent one'noun anger on something/somebody
·desahogar la ira con algo/somebody, someone
·to vent one'noun spleen (on)
·descargar la bilis (contra)
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