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us / nos
us   [ʌs]   -pronoun
1. (direct/indirect object)   nos
·they helped us
·nos ayudaron
·look at us!
·give it to us
·they gave us some brochures
·nos dieron unos folletos
·see if you can find us some food
·mira a ver si nos encuentras algo de comer
2. (after prepositions, in comparisons, with the verb to be)   nosotrosas
·why don't you come with us?
·¿por qué no vienes con nosotros?
·several of us
·varios de nosotros
·he is one of us
·es uno de nosotros
·both of us
·los dos
·they are older than us
·son mayores que nosotros
·as for us English, we ...
·en cuanto a nosotros los ingleses, ...
·it'noun us
·somos nosotros
3. (British, Great Britain)   **
(=me)   me
·give us a bit!
·¡dame un poco!
·give us a look!
·¡déjame ver!
-noun abbreviation
United States
·the United States
·EE.UU.,   Estados Unidos
·in the United States
·en Estados Unidos
·the United States Army/government
·el Ejército/gobierno estadounidense
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