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universal / general
universal   [ˌju:nɪˈvɜ:səl]
A. -adjective
1. (=general)   [agreement, acceptance]   general,   global
·the closures met with universal condemnation
·los cierres provocaron la condena general or unánime
·its use has been universal since 1900
·se usa en todas partes or globalmente desde 1900
·her writing has universal appeal
·su forma de escribir atrae a todo el mundo
·a universal truth
·una verdad universal,   una verdad aceptada por todos or por todo el mundo
·to [become] universal
2. (=worldwide)   [law, language]   universal
·the threat of universal destruction
·la amenaza de la destrucciónoun mundial
B. -compound
·universal donor   -noun   donante masculine and feminine universal
·universal joint   -noun   (technical)   junta (f) cardánoun or universal
·universal product code   -noun
(United States)   código (m) de barras
·universal suffrage   -noun   sufragio (m) universal
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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