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turn up / aparecer
turn up   turn
A. -intransitive verb + adverb
1. (=be found)   aparecer
2. (=arrive, show up)
[person]   llegar,   aparecer
[playing card etcetera]   salir
·we waited but she didn't turn up
·esperamos pero no apareció
·we'll see if anyone turns up
·veremos si viene alguien
·he turned up two hours late
·llegó con dos horas de retraso
·he never turns up at class
·no asiste nunca a la clase
·something will turn up
·algo saldrá
3. (=point upwards)   volverse hacia arriba
·his nose turns up
·tiene la nariz respingona
B. -transitive verb + adverb
1. [+collar, sleeve, hem]   subir
2. [+heat, gas, sound]   subir
[+radio etcetera]   poner masculineánoun fuerte,   subir
a. to turn up the heat (on something/somebody)   *   meter masculineánoun presiónoun (a algo/somebody, someone)
3. (=find)   descubrir,   desenterrar
[+reference]   buscar,   consultar
[+evidence, information]   sacar a la luz,   revelar
4. (=dig up)
[+earth]   revolver
[+buried object]   desenterrar,   hacer salir a la superficie
5. *
·it really turns me up
me revuelve las tripas * or el estómago
6. (British, Great Britain)   **
·turn it up!
·¡por favor!
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