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treatment / trato
treatment   [ˈtri:tmənt]
A. -noun
1. (=handling)
a. [of people]   trato (m)
b. [of object]   trato (m),   manejo (m)
c. [of subject, idea]   tratamiento (m)
·our treatment of foreigners
·el trato que damos a los extranjeros
·I wouldn't put up with such treatment
·yo no permitiría que me trataran así or que me dieran ese trato
·the judge was criticized for his harsh treatment of offenders
·el juez fue criticado por su trato duro hacia los delincuentes
·his treatment of the subject is superficial
·el tratamiento que da al tema es superficial
d. for a more [extensive] treatment of this subject I refer the reader to ... =   para ver este tema en masculineánoun profundidad remito al lector a ...
e. at that restaurant you get the [full] treatment =   en ese restaurante te tratan a cuerpo de rey *
f. to give somebody [preferential] treatment =   dar a somebody, someone un trato preferente
·to get [preferential] treatment
·recibir un trato preferente
g. he has come in for some [rough] treatment from the press =   ha recibido un trato duro por parte de la prensa
h. to give somebody the treatment   *
(=beat up)   dar caña a somebody, someone *
(=entertain well)   tratar a somebody, someone a cuerpo de rey *
2. (medicine)   tratamiento (m)
·she [has] or [receives] or [undergoes] treatment twice a month
·la someten a tratamiento dos veces al mes
a. a [course] of treatment =   un tratamiento
b. he needs [medical] treatment =   le hace falta atenciónoun masculineédica or tratamiento masculineédico
c. I am still [receiving] treatment for the injury =   todavía estoy en tratamiento por la lesiónoun
d. to [respond] to treatment =   responder al tratamiento
3. (=processing)
a. [of sewage, waste]   tratamiento (m)
B. -compound
·treatment room   -noun   (medicine)   sala (f) de curas
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