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transport / transporte
transport   [ˈtrænspɔ:t]
A. -noun
1. (=conveying, movement)   transporte (m)
a. [air] transport =   transporte (m) aéreo
b. [Department] of Transport
(British, Great Britain)   Ministerio (m) de Transporte(noun)
c. [means] of transport =   medio (m) de transporte
·I was stranded with no means of transport
·me quedé colgado sin medio de transporte
d. [rail] transport =   transporte (m) ferroviario
e. [road] transport =   transporte (m) por carretera
f. [sea] transport =   transporte (m) marítimo
2. (=vehicle)   transporte (m)
·I haven't got any transport
·no tengo transporte
·own transport required
·se requiere vehículo propio
3. (=ship)   buque (m) de transporte
4. (=plane)   aviónoun (m) de transporte
5. (figurative)   literary
a. it sent her into transports of [delight] =   la dejó extasiada
b. to be in a transport of [rage] =   estar fuera de nouní (de rabia)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=move)
[+goods, people]   transportar
2. (history)
[+criminal]   deportar
3. (figurative)   transportar
·the musical transports the audience to the days of 1950s America
·el musical transporta or traslada al público a la América de los años 50
·I felt as though I'd been transported back in time
·me sentí como si me hubiera remontado en el tiempo
·to be transported [with] joy >
literary   quedarse embelesado or literary arrobado,   estar extasiado
C. -compound
·transport café   -noun   cafetería (f) de carretera
·transport costs   -noun plural   gastos masculine plural de transporte
·transport plane   -noun   aviónoun (m) de transporte
·transport police   -noun   policía (f) de tráfico
·transport policy   -noun   política (f) de transportes
·transport ship   -noun   buque (m) de transporte
·transport system   -noun   sistema (m) de transportes,   red (f) de transportes
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