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traer / to bring
A. -transitive verb
1. (=transportar)   to bring
·¿has traído el dinero?
·have you brought the money?
·¿me traes un vaso de agua?
·can you bring o fetch o get me a glass of water?
·el muchacho que trae los periódicos
·the lad who delivers o brings the newspapers
·¿nos trae la cuenta, por favor?
·can we have the bill, please?
·trae, ya lo arreglo yo
·give it to me, I'll fix it
·¿me puedes traer mañana a la oficina?
·can you bring me to work o give me a lift to work tomorrow?
·¿qué la trae por aquí?
·what brings you here?
a. traer un hijo al [mundo] =   to bring a child into the world
b. traer buenas/malas [notas] =   to get good/bad marks o grades United States
c. como su madre o como Dios lo trajo al mundo   as naked as the day he was born,   in his birthday suit
2. (=llevar encima)
[+ropa]   to wear
[+objeto]   to carry
·traía unos zapatos muy bonitos
·she was wearing some very nice shoes
·¿qué traes en esa bolsa?
·what have you got in that bag?,   what are you carrying in that bag?
3. [periódico, revista]
·el periódico no trae nada sobre eso
·there'noun nothing about it in the newspaper
·¿trae alguna noticia interesante?
·is there any interesting news?
4. (=causar)
[+suerte, paz, beneficios]   to bring
[+recuerdos]   to bring back
[+consecuencias]   to have
·te traerá buena suerte
·it'll bring you good luck
·el embargo trajo como consecuencia la ruina económica
·the embargo brought about o resulted in the economic ruin
a. traer [consigo] =   to bring about
·la recesiónoun trajo consigo un aumento del paro
·the recession brought with it o brought about an increase in unemployment
5. (=tener)   + ADJ
·la ausencia de noticias me trae muy inquieto
·the lack of news is making me very anxious
·el juego lo trae perdido
·gambling is his ruin
6. me trae sin cuidado
b. me trae al fresco   *   I couldn't care less *
c. me la trae floja   **   I couldn't give a damn **
d. traer de cabeza a somebody, someone
·el caso trae de cabeza a la policía local
·this case is proving to be a headache for local police
·el horario comercial trae de cabeza a los consumidores
·shopping hours are a headache for consumers
e. traerla con somebody, someone
(Mexicoéx)   to have it in for somebody *
f. llevar o traer a mal traer a somebody, someone
[persona]   to give somebody nothing but trouble
[problema]   to be the bane of somebody'noun life
·¡este hijo masculineío me trae a mal traer!
·this son of mine is really giving me a hard time!,   this son of mine is (giving me) nothing but trouble!
g. traer y llevar a somebody, someone
(=molestar)   to pester somebody
(=chismorrear)   to gossip about somebody
7. (=atraer)
[+imánoun]   to draw,   attract
B.   -pronominal verb
1. (=tramar)   to be up to
·estoy seguro de que esos dos se traen algúnoun manejo sucio
·I'masculine sure the two of them are up to something shady
2. (uso enfático)   to bring
·me he traído la cámara
·I've brought the camera,   I've brought the camera with me
·no se trajo al novio
·she didn't bring her boyfriend
3. *
a. se las trae
·es un problema que se las trae
·it'noun a real nightmare of a problem
·tiene un padre que se las trae
·her father is impossible,   her father is a real nightmare
4. (Spain)  
a. traerse [bien]
(=vestirse)   to dress well
(=comportarse)   to behave properly
b. traerse [mal]
(=vestirse)   to dress shabbily
(=comportarse)   to behave badly
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