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torta / thump
torta   -noun feminine
1. *
(=bofetada)   thump
(=puñetazo)   punch,   sock *
(=caída)   fall
(=choque)   crash
·[liarse] a tortas
·to get involved in a punch-up
2. (=pastel)   cake   (con base de masa quebrada)   tart,   flan
(=crepe)   pancake
(Mexicoéx)   sandwich
a. la torta costó un pan   it worked out dearer than expected,   it was more trouble than it was worth
b. eso es tortas y pan pintado   it'noun child'noun play,   it'noun a cinch **
c. ¡ni torta!   *   I haven't a clue!,   not the foggiest!
·[no] entendió ni torta
·he didn't understand a word of it
d. nos queda la torta   there'noun a lot left over
3. (Central America, Mexicoéx)
·torta de huevos   omelet(te)
4. (Spain)   **
·agarrar una torta
to get plastered *
5. (typography)   font
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