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tonto / silly
tonto ,   a
A. -adjective
1. [persona]
1.1. (=bobo)   (dicho con afecto)   silly   (dicho con enfado)   stupid
·venga, vente con nosotros, ¡no seas tonto!
·come on, come with us, don't be silly!
·¡qué tonto soy!
·how silly o stupid of me!
·fui tan tonto que me dejé engañar por ellos
·I was silly enough to be taken in by them
·¿tú te has creído que yo soy tonto?
·¿me tomas por tonto?
·do you think I'masculine stupid?
a. es tonto del bote o de capirote o de remate   he'noun a total o complete idiot *
1.2. (poco inteligente)   stupid
·¡y parecía tonto!
·and we thought he was stupid!
a. a lo tonto
·¿para qué esforzarse a lo tonto?
·why go to all that trouble for nothing?
·y a lo tonto, a lo tonto, se le pasó la mitad del día
·and before he knew it, half the day had slipped by
b. es masculineánoun tonto que Abundio
(Spain)   *   he'noun as thick as two short planks *
c. hacer tonto a somebody, someone
(Chile)   *   to trick somebody
d. a tontas y a locas
·piénsalo bien, no quiero que actúes/hables a tontas y a locas
·think carefully, don't just do/say the first thing that comes into your head
·esos jóvenes sin seso que nounólo hablan a tontas y a locas
·these silly youngsters who chatter away without even thinking what they're saying
1.3. (=insolente)   silly
·¡si te pones tonto no te vuelvo a traer al cine!
·if you start being silly I won't take you to the cinema again!
1.4. (=torpe)
·me quedé como tonto despuénoun del golpe
·I felt dazed after the knock
·hoy se me olvida todo, estoy como tonto
I keep forgetting things today, I'masculine out of it *
·[dejar] a somebody, someone tonto
(Spain)   to leave somebody speechless
1.5. (=presumido)   stuck-up *
·pasaba muy tonto por delante de ella
·he walked past her showing off
·está muy tonto desde que es masculineédico
he'noun such a show-off since he became a doctor *
1.6. (medicine)   imbecile
2. [risa, frase, accidente]   silly
·¡qué fallo masculineánoun tonto!
·it was a really silly mistake!
·fue una respuesta tonta
·that was a stupid answer
·me entró la risa tonta
·I started giggling
·me pilló en una hora tonta y le presté el dinero
·I wasn't thinking at that moment and I lent him the money
B. -noun masculine/feminine
1. idiot
·soy un tonto, ¡nunca debí haberla escuchado!
·I'masculine such an idiot, I should never have listened to her!
·allí estaba, riéndome como una tonta
·there I was, laughing like an idiot
·el tonto del [pueblo]
·the village idiot
a. hacer el tonto   (a propósito)   to act the fool,   play the fool   (sin querer)   to be a fool
·has hecho el tonto no siguiendo sus consejos
·you were a fool not to take her advice
b. hacerse el tonto   to act dumb
·tonto [útil]   willing stooge
2. (medicine)   imbecile
C. -noun masculine
1. (Circo, theatre)   clown,   funny man
2. (Andes, Central America)
(=palanca)   jemmy
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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