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tongue / lengua
tongue   [tʌŋ]
A. -noun
1. (anatomy, culinary, cooking )   lengua (f)
·to put or stick one'noun tongue out (at somebody)
·sacar la lengua (a somebody, someone)
·she has a quick/nasty tongue
(figurative)   tiene mucha labia/una lengua viperina
a. with (one'noun) tongue in (one'noun) cheek   irónicamente,   burla burlando
·to say something tongue in cheek
·decir algo en tono de burla
b. to keep a civil tongue in one'noun head   moderar las palabras or el lenguaje
c. to get one'noun tongue around something
·I can't get my tongue round these Latin names
·estos nombres latinos resultan impronunciables
d. to find one'noun tongue
·so you've found your tongue?
·¿así que estánoun dispuesto por fin a hablar?
e. to give tongue
[hounds]   empezar a ladrar
f. to hold one'noun tongue   callarse
·hold your tongue!
·¡cállate la boca!
g. to loosen somebody'noun tongue   hacer hablar a somebody, someone
·wine loosens the tongue
·el vino suelta la lengua
h. to lose one'noun tongue
·have you lost your tongue?
·¿te has tragado la lengua?
i. to trip or roll off the tongue
·the formula came tripping or rolling off his/her tongue
·pronunció la feminineórmula con la mayor facilidad
·it doesn't exactly trip off the tongue
·no se puede decir que sea feminineácil de pronunciar
2. [of shoe]   lengüeta (f)
b. [of bell]   badajo (m)   (figurative)
c. [of flame, land]   lengua (f)
3. (=language)   lengua (f),   idioma (m)
·in the German tongue
·en alemánoun,   en la lengua alemana
·to speak in tongues
(religion)   hablar en lenguas desconocidas
B. -compound
·tongue twister   -noun   trabalenguas masculine invariable
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