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tired / cansado
tired   [ˈtaɪəd]   -adjective
1. [person, eyes]   cansado   [voice]   cansino
·to be/feel tired
·estar/sentirse cansado
·my legs/eyes are tired
·tengo las piernas cansadas/los ojos cansados
a. to [get] tired =   cansarse
b. to [look] tired =   tener cara de cansancio
c. to be tired [of] somebody/something =   estar cansado or aburrido de somebody, someone/algo
·to get or grow tired of (doing) something
·cansarse or aburrirse de (hacer) algo
d. to be tired [out] =   estar agotado or rendido
2. (figurative)
(=worn-out)   [coat]   raído,   gastado   [car, chair]   cascado   [cliché, ritual, excuse]   manido,   trillado
·a tired lettuce leaf
·una hoja de lechuga mustia
·it'noun a tired old cliché
·es un tópico muy manido or trillado
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