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throw up / devolver >
throw up   throw
A. -intransitive verb + adverb   *
(=vomit)   devolver *,   vomitar
·it makes me want to throw up
(literally)   me da ganas de devolver *   (figurative)   me da asco
B. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (literally)
[+object]   lanzar or echar al aire
[+dust]   levantar
[+sparks]   echar
·to throw up one'noun [hands] in horror
·llevarse las manos a la cabeza horrorizado
2. (especially British, Great Britain)
(=produce, bring to light)
[+result]   dar,   producir
[+idea, dilemma]   producir
[+problem]   crear
3. *
(=give up)
[+job, task, studies]   dejar
4. (=make quickly)
[+building]   construir rápidamente
5. *
(=vomit)   devolver *,   vomitar
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