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throw out / tirar
throw out   throw   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=throw away)
[+rubbish, old clothes]   tirar,   botar Latin America
2. (=expel)
[+person]   (from organization, team)   echar   (from country)   expulsar,   echar
·he was thrown [out] of the team
·lo echaron del equipo
3. (=reject)
[+proposal]   rechazar   (law, legal)
[+case, claim]   desestimar,   rechazar   (parliament)
[+bill]   rechazar
4. (=make)
[+idea, suggestion, remark]   soltar
5. (=emit)
[+heat]   despedir,   emitir
[+smoke, lava]   arrojar
6. (=disconcert)
[+person]   desconcertar,   dejar totalmente confundido
7. (=make wrong)
[+calculation, prediction]   desbaratar,   dar al traste con
8. ·to throw out one'noun chest
·sacar pecho
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