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thought / pensamiento
thought   [θɔ:t]
A. -past tense   -past participle
B. -noun
1. (=mental activity)   pensamiento (m)
2. (=philosophy)   pensamiento (m)
·Western thought
·el pensamiento occidental
3. (=cogitation)   pensamiento (m)
·you need to free your mind of negative thoughts
·tienes que despejar los malos pensamientos de tu mente
a. to [collect] one'noun thoughts =   ordenar sus pensamientos or ideas
b. to be [deep] in thought =   estar ensimismado,   estar absorto en sus pensamientos
c. my thoughts were [elsewhere] =   estaba pensando en otra cosa
d. to [gather] one'noun thoughts =   ordenar sus pensamientos or ideas
e. he was always [in] her thoughts =   lo tenía or llevaba siempre en el pensamiento
f. to be [lost] in thought =   estar ensimismado,   estar absorto en sus pensamientos
g. he [pushed] the thought from his mind =   se obligó a dejar de pensar en ello,   borró la idea de su mente
4. (=consideration)
·after much thought
·despuénoun de mucho pensarlo or pensarlo mucho
·a lot of thought went into the work
·se dedicó mucho tiempo a pensar en el trabajo
a. I'll [give] it some thought over the next few days =   lo pensaré durante los próximos días
·I've given it a lot of thought
·lo he pensado mucho
·I didn't give it another thought
·no volví a pensar en ello
·don't give it another thought
·no te preocupes,   no lo pienses masculineánoun
b. [spare] a thought for the homeless at Christmas =   acuérdese de la gente sin hogar en Navidad
5. (=concern)
a. his [first] thought was always for other people =   siempre pensaba primero en los demonstrativeánoun
b. with [no] thought for o.noun. =   sin pensar en nouní mismo
·with no thought of reward
·sin pensar en una recompensa
6. (=intention)   intenciónoun (f)
·they had no thought of surrender
·no tenían ninguna intenciónoun de rendirse
·he gave up all thought(noun) of marrying her
·renunció a la idea de casarse con ella
a. it'noun the thought that counts   la intenciónoun es lo que cuenta
7. (=idea)   idea (f)
·what a frightening thought!
·¡qué idea masculineánoun aterradora!
·what a lovely thought!
·¡qué detalle!
a. the thought [crossed] my mind that ... =   se me ocurrió que ...
·the thought had crossed my mind
·la idea se me llegó a pasar por la cabeza
b. to [have] a thought
·I've just had a thought
·se me acaba de ocurrir una idea
·he hasn't a thought in his head
·no tiene ni idea de nada
c. never mind, it was [just] a thought =   no importa, no era masculineánoun que una idea
d. [that'noun] a thought! =   ¡no es mala idea!,   ¡qué buena idea!
·"she might still be there" -- "that'noun a thought"
·--puede que todavía esté allí --es una posibilidad
e. the [very] or [mere] thought of him made her nervous =   se ponía nerviosa nounólo de pensar en él
8. thoughts
·do you have any thoughts on that?
·¿tiene alguna opiniónoun al respecto?
·he keeps his thoughts to himself
·se reserva su opiniónoun
9. (=little)
·it is [a] thought too large
·es un poquito grande
·that was a thought unwise, wasn't it?
·eso fue un tanto imprudente, ¿no?
C. -compound
·thought police   -noun   policía (f) política
·thought process   -noun   proceso (m) mental
·thought reader   -noun   adivino (m) / adivina (f)
·I'masculine not a thought reader
·no soy adivino,   no leo el pensamiento
·thought reading   -noun   adivinaciónoun (f) de pensamientos
·thought transference   -noun   transmisiónoun (f) de pensamientos
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