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terrible / terrible
terrible   [ˈterəbl]   -adjective
1. (=very unpleasant)   [experience, accident, disease]   terrible,   espantoso
·it was a terrible thing to have happened
·era terrible que hubiese sucedido algo así
·it was a terrible thing to see
·era horrible verlo
·the terrible thing is that I've lost it
·lo peor de todo es que lo he perdido
2. *
(=very bad)   [weather, food]   horrible,   espantoso
·her French is terrible
·habla fatal el francénoun,   habla un francénoun espantoso
·"what was it like?" -- "terrible!"
·--¿qué tal fue? --¡espantoso!
a. I'masculine terrible [at] cooking =   se me da fatal la cocina *
·I'masculine terrible at remembering names
·se me da fatal recordar (los) nombres,   soy malísimo para recordar (los) nombres
b. I've got a terrible [cold] =   tengo un resfriado espantoso
c. I've had a terrible [day] at the office =   he tenido un día malísimo or horrible en la oficina
d. to [feel] terrible
(=guilty, ill)   sentirse fatal or muy mal
e. to [look] terrible
(=ill)   tener muy mal aspecto
·she looked terrible in that trouser suit
·ese traje pantalónoun le quedaba fatal
f. I've got a terrible [memory] =   tengo una memoria malísima
g. I've made a terrible [mistake] =   he cometido un terrible error
h. you [sound] terrible, is something wrong? =   ¡vaya tono!, ¿pasa algo?
i. we had a terrible [time] =   lo pasamos fatal
3. *   (as intensifier)
(=great)   [pity, shame]   verdadero
a. I've been a terrible [fool] =   he sido un verdadero imbécil
b. the garden is in a terrible [mess] =   el jardínoun está hecho un verdadero desastre
c. it was or it came as a terrible [shock] =   fue un golpe terrible
d. he'noun having terrible [trouble] with his homework =   le está costando horrores or un montónoun hacer los deberes *
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