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task / tarea
task   [tɑ:sk]
A. -noun
1. (=job)   tarea (f)
·I had to keep the children amused, which was no easy task
·tenía que entretener a los niños, lo cual no era tarea feminineácil
·to give or set somebody the task of doing something
·pedir a somebody, someone que haga algo
a. to take somebody to task (for something)   reprender or regañar a somebody, someone (por algo),   llamar a somebody, someone a capítulo (por algo) formal usage
2. (=function, stated aim)   cometido (m)
·it was the task of the army to maintain order
·mantener el orden era el cometido del ejército
3. (computing)   tarea (f)
B. -transitive verb
·to task somebody with something
·hacer que somebody, someone se encargue de algo
C. -compound
·task force   -noun   (military)   destacamento (m) especial   (nautical)   fuerza (f) expedicionaria
(=working group)   grupo (m) de trabajo
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