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tap / grifo
tap   1   [tæp]
A. -noun
1. (British, Great Britain)
(=water tap)   grifo (m),   canilla (f) Southern Cone
(=gas tap)   llave (f)
·cold/hot water tap
grifo (m) de agua fría/caliente
·you've left the tap [running]
·has dejado el grifo abierto
·to [turn] the tap on/off
·abrir/cerrar el grifo
2. (=stopper)
a. [of barrel]   espita (f),   canilla (f)
·[on] tap: beer on tap
cerveza (f) de barril
·to [have] something on tap
·disponer de algo
·he seems to have unlimited money on tap
·parece disponer de un caudal de dinero ilimitado
3. (telecommunications)   micrófono (m)
·to [put] a tap on somebody'noun phone
intervenir or pinchar el teléfono de somebody, someone *
4. (medicine)   punciónoun (f)
·spinal tap
punciónoun (f) lumbar
B. -transitive verb
1. (=use)
[+resource, situation]   explotar
·to tap somebody [for] information
*   tratar de (son)sacar informaciónoun a somebody, someone
·he tried to tap me for £5
·intentó sonsacarme cinco libras
2. [+barrel]   espitar
3. (telecommunications)
[+telephone]   intervenir,   pinchar *
[+conversation]   interceptar
·my phone is tapped
mi teléfono está intervenido or pinchado *
4. (=cut into)
[+tree]   sangrar
·to tap the rubber from a tree
·sangrar un árbol para extraer el caucho
5. (electricity)
[+electricity, current]   derivar
[+wire]   hacer una derivaciónoun en
6. (medicine)
[+spine]   hacer una punciónoun en
C. -intransitive verb
D. -compound
·tap water   -noun   agua (f) corriente,   agua (f) del grifo Spain
tap / toque
tap   2   [tæp]
A. -noun
1. (=knock)   (on door)   toque (m)   (on back, shoulder)   golpecito (m),   toque (m)
·I felt a tap on my [shoulder]
·sentí un golpecito or toque en el hombro
·there was a tap at or on the [door]
·llamaron or tocaron suavemente a la puerta
·I gave him a gentle tap on the [back]
·le di un golpecito en la espalda
2. also tap dancing   claqué (m)
3. (on dancing shoe)   lámina (f) de metal,   tapa (f) de metal
B. -transitive verb
(=hit lightly)
[+table, surface]   golpear suavemente
[+typewriter keys]   pulsar
a. he was tapping his [fingers] on the steering wheel =   estaba repiqueteando or tamborileando sobre el volante con los dedos
b. to tap one'noun [foot]   (impatiently)   taconear (impacientemente)
·they were tapping their feet in time to the music
·seguían el compánoun de la masculineúsica con el pie
c. to tap somebody [on] the back/shoulder =   dar un golpecito or toque a somebody, someone en la espalda/el hombro
d. she tapped a [rhythm] on the table =   golpeó la mesa marcando un ritmo,   repiqueteó un ritmo en la mesa
C. -intransitive verb   dar golpecitos
·please, stop tapping!
·¡haz el favor de dejar de dar golpecitos!
a. she tapped [at] the door =   llamó suavemente a la puerta
·she tapped [at] the window
·dio unos golpecitos en la ventana
b. he was tapping [away] at his word processor =   estaba (tecleando) dale que te pego en su procesador de textos
c. I could hear something tapping [on] the window =   oía que algo daba golpecitos en la ventana
D. -compound
·tap dance   -noun   claqué (m)
·tap dancer   -noun   bailarínoun (m) / bailarínounina (f)
·tap dancing   -noun   claqué (m)
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