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take out / sacar
take out   take   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=bring, carry out)   sacar
·he took the dog out for a walk
·sacó el perro a pasear
·can I take you out to lunch/the cinema?
·¿le puedo invitar a almorzar/al cine?
2. (=remove)   (generally)   sacar
[+tooth]   extraer,   sacar
[+stain]   quitar,   limpiar   (military)
[+target, enemy position]   eliminar
3. (=procure)
[+patent, licence]   obtener
[+insurance policy]   sacar
·to take out insurance
·hacerse un seguro
4. ·to take it out on somebody: when he got the sack he took it out on his wife
·cuando le despidieron del trabajo, se desquitó con su mujer
·don't take it out on me!
·¡no te desquites conmigo!
5. ·to take out of: seeing that film took me [out of] myself
·esa película me hizo olvidar mis propios problemas
·it takes it out of you
te deja hecho pedazos *
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