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take on / aceptar
take on   take
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. [+work]   aceptar,   encargarse de
[+responsibility, risk]   asumir
[+bet, challenge]   aceptar
[+challenger]   enfrentarse a,   aceptar el reto de
·when she invited Hayley to come and stay for a week she took on more than she bargained for
·cuando invitó a Hayley a quedarse una semana, no sabía lo que le esperaba
·I felt I could take on the whole world
·sentía que me podía comer el mundo
2. [+worker]   contratar
[+passengers]   recoger
[+cargo]   cargar
3. (=assume)
[+form, qualities]   asumir
·her face took on a wistful expression
·quedó cariacontecida
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
(=become upset)
·don't take on so!
·¡no te pongas así!,   ¡no te agites!
2. (=become popular)
[fashion]   hacerse muy popular
[song]   hacerse muy popular,   ponerse de moda
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