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take off / quitar
take off   take
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=remove)
[+lid, wrapping, label, stain]   quitar
[+clothes]   quitarse,   sacarse Latin America
[+limb]   amputar
[+train]   cancelar
[+item from menu]   quitar
·the five o'clock train has been taken off
·han cancelado el tren de las cinco
2. (=deduct)   (from bill, price)   descontar
·she took 50p off
·descontó or hizo un descuento de 50 peniques
3. (=lead away)
[+person, object]   llevarse
·they took him off to lunch
·se lo llevaron a comer
·she was taken off to hospital
·la llevaron al hospital
·to take o.noun. off
·irse,   largarse *
4. (=not work)
·he took the day off work
·se tomó el día libre
·I'masculine going to take two weeks off at Christmas
·me voy a tomar dos semanas de vacaciones en Navidad
·he has to work weekends but takes time off in lieu
·tiene que trabajar los fines de semana pero le dan días libres a cambio
5. (=imitate)   imitar
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
1. [plane, passengers]   despegar,   decolar Latin America   (for   con rumbo a)
[high jumper]   saltar
2. (=succeed)   empezar a tener éxito
·the idea never really took off
·la idea no llegó a cuajar
·the style really took off among young people
·el estilo se puso muy de moda entre los jóvenes
C. -transitive verb + preposition
1. (=remove)   quitar,   sacar Latin America
·they took two names off the list
·quitaron or tacharon dos nombres de la lista
·she'noun been taken off the case
·le han hecho dejar el caso
·to take something off somebody
*   quitar algo a somebody, someone
·take your hands off me!
·¡no me toques!
·her new hairstyle takes ten years off her
·ese peinado nuevo le quita diez años de encima
2. (=deduct)   (from bill, price)   descontar
·he took £5 [off] the price
·descontó 5 libras del precio
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