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take back / devolver
take back   take   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=return)
[+book, goods]   devolver
[+person]   llevar (de vuelta)
·can you take him back home?
·¿le puedes acompañar a su casa?
2. (=accept back)
[+purchase, gift]   aceptar la devoluciónoun de
[+one'noun wife, husband]   aceptar que vuelva
·the company took him back
·la compañía volvió a emplearlo or lo restituyó a su puesto
3. (=retract)
[+statement, words]   retirar
·she took back everything she had said about him
·retiró todo lo que había dicho de él
·I take it all back!
·¡retiro lo dicho!
·to take back one'noun promise
·retirar su promesa
4. (=get back, reclaim)
[+territory]   retomar
5. (figurative)
·it takes me back to my childhood
·me recuerda a mi niñez
·it takes you back, doesn't it?
·¡cuántos recuerdos (de los buenos tiempos)!
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