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swerve / viraje brusco
swerve   [swɜ:v]
A. -noun   (by car, driver)   viraje (m) brusco   (by boxer, runner)   finta (f),   regate (m)
·to [put] a swerve on a ball
·darle con efecto a la pelota
B. -intransitive verb
1. (literally)
[boxer, fighter]   hurtar el cuerpo
[ball]   ir con efecto   (on hitting obstacle)   desviarse
[vehicle, driver]   virar bruscamente
·I was forced to swerve violently to avoid him
·me intransitive verb obligado a virar bruscamente para esquivarlo
·the car swerved [away from] the lorry
·el coche viró bruscamente para esquivar el camiónoun
·the car swerved [in and out of] traffic
·el coche zigzagueaba bruscamente por entre el tráfico
·to swerve [to] the right
[vehicle, driver]   virar bruscamente a or hacia la derecha
2. formal usage   (figurative)   desviarse,   apartarse   (from   de)
·we shall not swerve from our duty
·no nos apartaremos del cumplimiento de nuestro deber
C. -transitive verb
[+boat, horse, car]   hacer virar bruscamente
[+ball]   dar efecto a,   sesgar
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