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sweet / dulce
sweet   [swi:t]
A. -adjective
sweeter   comparative
sweetest   superlative
1. (=sugary)   [taste, drink, food]   dulce
·this coffee is too sweet
·este café está demasiado dulce
·a glass of sweet white wine
·una copa de vino blanco dulce
·I love sweet things
·me encanta lo dulce,   me encantan las cosas dulces
a. are those pies sweet or [savoury]? =   esos pasteles, ¿son dulces o salados?
b. sweet and [sour] =   agridulce
c. to [taste] sweet =   tener un sabor dulce
d. the beer was sweet [to] the taste =   la cerveza tenía un gusto dulce
2. (=agreeable)   [smell, perfume]   agradable   [sound]   melodioso,   dulce
·sweet dreams!
(British, Great Britain)   (generally)   que duermas bien   (to child)   ¡que sueñes con los angelitos!
a. to [smell] sweet =   tener un olor fragante or aromático
·the sweet smell of success
·las mieles del éxito
b. the sweet [taste] of victory =   el dulce sabor de la victoria
c. the news was sweet music to my ears   la noticia fue masculineúsica celestial para mis oídos
d. to whisper sweet nothings in somebody'noun ear/to somebody   decirle cariñitos a somebody, someone al oído
·[revenge] is sweet!
·¡la dulce venganza!
3. (=gentle, kind)   [nature, smile]   dulce   [face]   dulce,   lindo especially Latin America
·she is a very sweet person
·es un verdadero encanto,   es una persona muy linda Latin America
·that'noun very sweet of you
·es muy amable de tu parte,   ¡qué amable!
·how sweet of you to think of me!
·¡qué detalle acordarte de masculineí!
a. to [keep] somebody sweet   *   tener a somebody, someone contento
·sweet Jesus!
***   ¡Dios Bendito! **
b. to be sweet [to] somebody =   ser bueno con somebody, someone
c. to do sweet Fanny Adams or sweet F.A.
·politicians do sweet Fanny Adams or sweet F.A.
(British, Great Britain)   **   los políticos no hacen masculineánoun que tocarse las narices **
4. (=enchanting)   [child, animal, house, hat]   mono,   lindo especially Latin America
·he was a sweet little boy
·¡era un niñito tan mono!
·what a sweet little puppy!
·¡qué perrito masculineánoun or tan mono!
·the cottage was really sweet
la casita era monísima or una monada or especially Latin America lindísima
5. (=fresh)   [water]   dulce   [air]   fresco   [breath]   sano
·sweet milk
·leche fresca
6. ironic
a. to do something in one'noun own sweet [time] =   hacer algo a su aire,   hacer algo cuando le parece a uno
b. to go one'noun own sweet [way] =   ir a su aire
·he carried on in his own sweet way
·siguió a su aire
7. to be sweet [on] somebody     *   estar colado por somebody, someone *
B. -noun
1. (especially British, Great Britain)
(=piece of confectionery)
a. [of any sort]   golosina (f)
(=boiled sweet, toffee)   caramelo (m)
2. (British, Great Britain)
(=dessert)   postre (m)
3. [my] sweet     *   mi cielo *
4. (figurative)
·the sweets of success
·las mieles del éxito
·the sweets of solitude
·el encanto de la soledad
C. -compound
·sweet basil   -noun   albahaca (f)
·sweet bay   -noun   laurel (m)
·sweet cherry   -noun   cereza (f) dulce
·sweet chestnut   -noun   castaño (m) dulce
·sweet pea   -noun   guisante (m) de olor,   clarínoun (m) Chile
·sweet pepper   -noun   pimiento (m) (dulce)
·sweet potato   -noun   batata (f),   boniato (m),   camote (m) Latin America
·sweet shop   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   tienda (f) de chucherías,   dulcería (f) especially Latin America
·sweet talk   *   -noun   zalamerías feminine plural
·sweet tooth   -noun
·to have a sweet tooth
·ser goloso
·sweet trolley   -noun   carrito (m) de los postres
·sweet william   -noun   minutisa (f)
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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