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sustain / mantener
sustain   [səsˈteɪn]   -transitive verb
1. (=keep going)
[+interest, relationship, marriage]   mantener
[+effort]   sostener,   continuar
[+life]   sustentar   (music)
[+note]   sostener
·the economy was not able to sustain a long war
·la economía no podía soportar una guerra larga
2. formal usage
[+attack]   sufrir (y rechazar)
[+damage, loss]   sufrir
[+injury]   recibir,   sufrir
[+defeat]   padecer
·both ships sustained minor damage
·ambos buques sufrieron daños de menor consideraciónoun
3. (=support)   (literally)
[+weight]   sostener,   apoyar   (figurative)
[+theory]   confirmar,   corroborar
·it is his belief in God that sustains him
·su fe en Dios es lo que lo sostiene or mantiene
4. (law, legal)
[+objection]   admitir
[+claim]   corroborar,   respaldar
[+charge]   confirmar,   corroborar
·objection sustained
·la objeciónoun está admitida
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