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surrender / rendición
surrender   [səˈrendər]
A. -noun
1. (=capitulation)   (military)   rendiciónoun (f)   (figurative)   claudicaciónoun (f)
·no surrender!
·¡no nos rendimos nunca!
2. (=handover)
a. [of weapons]   entrega (f)
3. (law, legal)
a. [of lease, property]   cesiónoun (f)
4. (Insurance)
a. [of policy]   rescate (m) (previo al vencimiento)
B. -intransitive verb   (military)   rendirse
·I surrender!
·¡me rindo!
·to surrender to the police
·entregarse a la policía
·to surrender to despair
·abandonarse or entregarse a la desesperaciónoun
C. -transitive verb
1. (military)
[+weapons]   rendir,   entregar
[+territory, city]   entregar
·to surrender o.noun.
(military)   rendirse   (to police)   entregarse
·to surrender o.noun. to despair
·abandonarse or entregarse a la desesperaciónoun
·I surrendered myself to his charms
·me rendí a or ante sus encantos
2. (=renounce, give up)
[+claim, right]   renunciar a
[+lease, ownership]   ceder   literary
[+hope]   abandonar
3. (=hand over)
[+passport, ticket]   entregar,   hacer entrega de more formal usage
4. (=redeem)
[+insurance policy]   rescatar (antes del vencimiento)
D. -compound
·surrender value   -noun   valor (m) de rescate
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