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suppose / suponer
suppose   [səˈpəʊz]   -transitive verb
1. (=assume)   suponer
·let us suppose [that]
·supongamos que,   pongamos por caso que
·but just suppose he'noun right
·y ¿si tiene razónoun?
·supposing it rains, what shall we do?
·pongamos que llueve, entonces ¿qué hacemos?
·always supposing he comes
·siempre y cuando venga
·even supposing that were true
·aun en el caso de que fuera verdad
2. (=assume, believe)   suponer,   creer
·I suppose she'll come
·supongo que vendrá
·I don't suppose she'll come
·no creo que venga
·you'll accept, I suppose?
·aceptaránoun, supongo, ¿no?
·who do you suppose was there?
·¿quiénoun crees que estaba allí?
·you don't suppose they'd start without us, do you?
·no empezaránoun sin nosotros, ¿verdad?
a. I suppose [so]/[not] =   supongo que nouní/no
3. ·to be supposed to do something: you're supposed to be in bed by ten
·tendrías que estar acostado a las diez
·you're not supposed to do that
·no deberías hacer eso
·you're supposed to be my friend!
·¡yo creía que eras mi amigo!
·what am I supposed to have done wrong now?
·¿qué se supone que he hecho mal ahora?
·what'noun that supposed to mean?
·¿qué quieres decir con eso?
·he'noun supposed to be an expert
·se le supone un experto
4. (in requests, suggestions)
·do you suppose we could take a lunch break now?
·¿podríamos hacer un descanso para almorzar ahora?
·do you suppose you could wrap this up for me?
·¿podrías envolverme esto?
·I don't suppose you could lend me ten pounds
·¿no podrías prestarme diez libras?
·suppose we talk about something else now
·¿y si hablamos sobre algo distinto ahora?
5. (=presuppose)   suponer,   presuponer
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