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suicide / suicidio
suicide   [ˈsʊɪsaɪd]
A. -noun
1. (=act)   suicidio (m)
·to commit suicide
·it would be suicide to do that
(literally, figurative)   sería suicida hacer eso
·it would be political suicide to agree to this
·consentir esto supondría el suicidio político
·a case of attempted suicide
·un caso de intento de suicidio
2. (=person)   suicida masculine and feminine
B. -compound
·suicide attempt   -noun   intento (m) de suicidio
·suicide bomber   -noun   terrorista masculine and feminine suicida
·suicide bombing   -noun   bombardeo (m) suicida
·suicide mission   -noun   misiónoun (f) suicida
·suicide note   -noun   carta en que se explica el motivo del suicidio
·suicide pact   -noun   pacto (m) suicida
·suicide rate   -noun   índice (m) de suicidios
·suicide squad   -noun   comando (m) suicida
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